What types of dentures are there? A denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces your own teeth. There are several types of dentures. Your prosthodontist will be happy to discuss with you which type best suits your situation.

Full dentures
These dentures replace all teeth. It can be for both upper and lower or for both jaws.

Implant dentures
When regular dentures do not give enough hold, dentures on implants may be a good solution.

A frame is a denture for people who are missing part of their teeth. A frame has a metal base. Your own teeth hold the frame in place.

Plate (the partial denture)
A plate is a denture for people who are missing part of their teeth. A plate is made of synthetic resin.

Emergency denture
Nowadays, it is quite normal – immediately after pulling your teeth – to have (temporary) dentures placed. Before pulling your teeth, the dental technician or dentist measures your teeth so that the (temporary) dentures will fit.

Dental crown
If a tooth breaks, has a large old filling or is severely damaged by tooth decay, the dentist may recommend placing a crown. A crown strengthens and protects the remaining tooth structure and can give you a more beautiful smile.

Dental bridge
In case of tooth loss, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. When a bridge is placed, the teeth on both sides are